So what’s this site all about eh?

Krispy Brown

Me, Krispy Brown – at a local Xmas gig (hence the daft hat)

This site is my personal celebration of the joyous drink that is real ale… craft ale.. beer, and all things brewed.  It’s also here for me to share pub and brewing experiences, recommending great places to drink, eat, and enjoy the pub atmosphere.

It’s a personal journey too – I’ve posted my experiences of beer from when I started writing in 2009.  My day job is a computer programmer, but don’t let that put you off.. although I guess I’m a beer geek as well as a technology geek.

You’ll possibly also spot that I judge at the Peterborough CAMRA beer festival – I have had that honour for a few years now, after creating a mobile web app for the festival as a bit of a fun personal project.  I now know many local CAMRA officials, and also landlords and craft brewers – I’ve spent some time at a commercial craft brewer helping to create a low abv stout in my first visit.

What you won’t find here is any mass produced corn sugar ‘lager’ – so no Fosters, no Stella (UK variety), Carling, or any of those other awful excuses for beer that infect most of our pubs.

To be fair, I do like a good pilsner (which is what golden lager really should be called) – properly made with lots of flavour pilsner is a great drink, don’t get me wrong!    I’ve always been fairly anti-establishment, and when I found out how poor quality mass produced and over advertised beers are, I’ve been keen to spread the word about ‘real beer’.

I hope to bring reviews of beers, both bottled and cask, let you know about pubs I visit and enjoy (there’s a great trend in new ‘craft beer’ pubs starting up across the UK), and also the beer festivals I’ve been too and will visit in the future.  This year I’ve been to Pboro, Craft Ale Rising, The Beer drinkers of London, The great british beer festival, and a few more.

I don’t travel around as much as ‘proper’ beer writers – as this isn’t my job, and therefore my wife wouldn’t let me!  But I do hope to expand my horizons as I expand this blog.  It’s been known for me to pop on a train and head to London/Sheffield/York etc to visit an especially tempting pub.