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some of the food tents - and the sun is out

Some of the food tents – and the sun is out

My last day at this years beerfest – I decided against going again Friday, as my body couldn’t take it (and the Mrs was pleased to see me one night!).

A full thurs enjoyment – we got there about 2pm, and stayed until closing at 11pm.  Many, many ales tried – and some old favourites re-visited.  The great news was it was a really good day – the weather was on our side, and the sun was out.  It was the first festival in several years where the ground was rock solid and not all muddy and churned up.

Casks of beer... mmm

Casks of beer… mmm

I ran into quite a few old friends – which is always a highlight of the festival!  It was also the ‘big night’ for work – so I wasn’t short of friends.  I also managed to spend more time in the music tent, as there’s always something great about live music and a large crowd.

The only disappointment was that Oakham had rotated out their festival special (and my beer of the festival) – to save it for Friday and Saturday night.  I do hope they make it a permament feature of their ale selection!

Hats off to CAMRA and all the volunteers who run the who event – I did get tempted to help out myself this year – but it’s so much fun being a visitor – it’s very hard to see how I’d give that up.  Maybe next year…

Some of my favourites – those remembered anyway – if you see any of these in your local pub, why not give em a try?

Tar Bar’l (Allendale of Allendale) – a nice dry stout – which taste seem to grow in the mouth.
B.G. Sips (Blue Monkey of Ilkeston) – a really intense hoppy bitter – I love my hops. Tasted more like an IPA should, but bitter strength.
S.A. Gold (Brains of Cardiff) – you can get this in bottles in supermarkets – and why not?!
Punk IPA (Brewdog of Fraserburgh) – fantastic IPA – good and strong too (6%) so truer to style than many commercial IPAs.
Armada Ale (Harveys of Lewes) – a great easy drinking bitter.
Norfolk lager (Iceni of Norfolk) – a pleasant surprise this – REAL lager – and pretty damn good.  One for those who think they don’t like beer 😉
Golden drop (Ufford ales) – great golden hoppy beer – anyone would like this.
Hop twister (Salopan of Shrewsbury) – hoppy bitter with a nice citrus flavour.
Hop devil (Rockingham of Blatherwyke) – six hops!? in this – only 3.9%, but plenty of flavour.

2009 Peterborough Beerfest guide

2009 Peterborough Beerfest guide

Author: Krispy Brown

EX-CAMRA member and real ale and craft ale fan. I've left CAMRA as I feel they've become more about gaining members (and money) and their petty narrowmindedness around the whole craft/keykeg/cask puts me off them. Good beer is good beer! I do the odd brew myself - having spent a couple of grand more than I should on home brew kit (Braumeister and SS Brewtech gear). Always learning about the craft and the ingredients. I've a blog post here about a day with a local craft brewer making a new beer. I can often be found propping up the bar at Peterborough's best (only) craft beer bar, The Stoneworks. 22 lines of great beer, and decent gin too! I'm probably known by too many of my hometown's landlords, oops. I created the local CAMRA Peterborough Beer festival mobile web app several years ago, and am a regular festival judge helping pick the champion beers. Developer (PHP, Wordpress, Java), Webmaster of many sites, husband and cat owner. I also help put on DIY Punk gigs in my spare time, as part of group of mates called "The Scary Clown Presents...".

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