Home Brewer Gets Beer in Tescos as Brewdog Champion


– BrewDog has crowned self-confessed foodie and Dublin-born Tom Doyle as its very first #HomeBrewDog champion
– Doyle’s winning brew, Tropic Thunder, will be sold in all 30 UK BrewDog bars and across Tesco nationwide
– A rich stout loaded with chocolate, mocha and orange, BrewDog will also release the award-winning recipe for other homebrewers to sink their teeth into

#homebrewdog beer Tropic Thunder

BrewDog has crowned self-confessed foodie and Dublin-born Tom Doyle as its very first #HomeBrewDog champion

Beer fan, Tom Doyle, has gone from humble homebrewer to national brewing hero after being crowned winner of BrewDog’s home brewing competition and bagging a listing with Tesco. The Dublin-born Hop Head took BrewDog’s panel of judges by storm with his full-throttle 7.0% Caribbean-inspired stout, loaded with rich chocolate, mocha and roasty flavours, finished with a vibrant burst of orange citrus notes, Tropic Thunder.

Launched for the very first time last year, #HomeBrewDog was a direct challenge to the masses, created with the aim of discovering some of the best new brewing talent from across the country. With over 300 entries and an endless stream of budding beer geeks fighting for the number one spot, BrewDog’s expert panel was looking for the most unique and diverse brew out there.

Tom, who previously studied Food Engineering, started his brewing career in his fourth year at Dublin University when he got bored of the beers on offer and decided to try making some for himself. After joining home brew club, Capital Brewers in Dublin, Doyle soon got to grips with the huge variety of beer styles out there.

Now being brewed at BrewDog’s Aberdeenshire HQ, Tropic Thunder will hit Tesco shelves as an exclusive listing, giving this everyday homebrew hero a platform to hit even loftier heights. The brew will also be sold on draft at all 30 UK BrewDog bars, with other beer evangelists invited to try the badass new brew.

Co-founder of BrewDog, James Watt said:

“At BrewDog, we support homebrewing from the grassroots level up. Martin and I started our careers by brewing exciting alternatives to bland mass produced beer in our garden shed, and with #HomeBrewDog, we wanted to find the nation’s next big thing in homebrewing and shine a light on the insanely creative and innovative homebrewers across the country. The #HomeBrewDog initiative is a great opportunity for beer buffs to try their hand at creating the beers they want to drink – exactly like we did.”

In 2008 BrewDog Co-Founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in a homebrewing competition run by Tesco. When asked to produce enough beer to stock 500 of its stores, the duo were forced to take out a bank loan to fund a bottling line needed to fulfil the order, and the rest is history. The supermarket continues its commitment to providing a platform for budding brewing talent by backing the winning entry of the #HomeBrewDog scene in its stores.

Home brewing hero, Tom Doyle, said:

“Words cannot describe how happy I was to win this competition and have the chance to meet some of the most influential people in the brewing world. I have had such an amazing time working with the BrewDog team up at Ellon HQ brewing mega batches of Tropic Thunder, and I still cant quite believe my beer will sit on their draft lines for all to try. I am grateful for all the team at BrewDog who ran this competition in recognition of the homebrewing community, giving us a chance to promote our hobby and show just how awesome some of our brews can be”.

To launch his beer to the army of BrewDog punks backing its newest member of the craft beer elite, Tom will host his own event at BrewDog Edinburgh, where he’s dedicated his superior craft beer taste buds to hand-selecting the tap list in the bar, and sharing his own creation with beer fans.

The #HomeBrewDog initiative is one more way BrewDog is championing the home brewing community. In 2016, BrewDog released all of its beer recipes to the public in the trailblazing DIY Dog, and the Scottish brewery sells home brewing starter kits in each of its bars and online shop. Later this year, BrewDog also plans to launch a new bar in London’s Dalston, which will house micro brewing equipment, allowing members of the public to come and try their hand at brewing awesome craft beers themselves.

Author: Krispy Brown

EX-CAMRA member and real ale and craft ale fan. I've left CAMRA as I feel they've become more about gaining members (and money) and their petty narrowmindedness around the whole craft/keykeg/cask puts me off them. Good beer is good beer! I do the odd brew myself - having spent a couple of grand more than I should on home brew kit (Braumeister and SS Brewtech gear). Always learning about the craft and the ingredients. I've a blog post here about a day with a local craft brewer making a new beer. I can often be found propping up the bar at Peterborough's best (only) craft beer bar, The Stoneworks. 22 lines of great beer, and decent gin too! I'm probably known by too many of my hometown's landlords, oops. I created the local CAMRA Peterborough Beer festival mobile web app several years ago, and am a regular festival judge helping pick the champion beers. Developer (PHP, Wordpress, Java), Webmaster of many sites, husband and cat owner. I also help put on DIY Punk gigs in my spare time, as part of group of mates called "The Scary Clown Presents...".

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